Ganesh Kahadane
Multidisciplinary Designer
Current Location
Product Design & Branding
About me
I'm a multidisciplinary designer focused on building digital experiences of the future. For the last 13 years, I've been working with clients and companies from across the world to shape innovative ideas from conception to outcomes for millions of customers in enterprise and consumer domains.
I'm comfortable in driving product & design with solid UX foundations, be it evolving a new product or redesigning an existing need. Experienced in scoping, managing, and delivering in agile environments. Currently open to working with companies defining the next generation of web experiences. Check out my portfolio below.
Design is not a "skin" you put on a product after the fact. Emotion and usability are blended within the UX of the product. I help elevate design to being part of the product strategy.
Team Management
Product Strategy
Managing a creative team requires flexibility and openness. The creative process is challenging and distributed working makes it even more so. I manage creative teams from a place of honesty and openness.
Design Systems
Design Thinking
Great design comes when you can free up product teams from repetitive design tasks. I help create internal design systems to avoid busy work and UX/UI mistakes.
I strive to have a growth mindset and to introduce design thinking across the company to improve product experience across the board. Everyone is a creator, even if they don't use design tools.
My Philosophy
I start with "why?". I ask questions to start getting to the truth of the design problem.
Work History
AVP Design
UX/UI Designer
Lead Designer
Design Manager
Freelance UX/UI Designer
Irony IT Solutions
Due to NDA work cannot be showcased online but ready to showcase offline or over the calls.
For now follow URL below for current LIVE project urls.
User Experience and Centered Design Art Direction Web & Mobile App Design Visual & Brand Communication
Product Design Design Management User Interface User Experience Design Research PRODUCT DESIGN AND MARKETING STRATEGIES DESIGN RESEARCH
Ganesh is someone you want to be around. Besides being an stellar thinker and designer, he is an awesome individual. Inspirational and genuine. Always dependable and easy to work with he has a knack for making it look effortless.
SVP - Design @Publicis Convonix
Sr. Designer @Traffline
Ganesh is simply as good as it gets when it comes to collaborating on pioneering innovative and cool ways to reach and engage your audience. The work we were able to create together at Convonix was not only the most FUN but the most creative and impactful.
Lead Product Manager @Mobogenie India
VP Marketing @Intelligence Node
Simply stated, Ganesh is one of those rare people who is both delightful to work with AND incredibly competent. His supportive, easy going style and sense of humor inspires a fun, productive atmosphere (even when the heat is on), while his insight, focus and vision consistently proves out killer creative solutions for even the most challenging projects.
Working for Ganesh was a great experience for me and the entire team. His concepts and ideas were always on point, and he was always looking for ways to drive the projects into a more interactive experience. I highly recommend his talent to others.
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